THE EXHIBITION is a group show of independent artists.

The first Exhibition took place in London, at the Fitzrovia Gallery in Whitfield Street.

It ran from the 3rd of July to the 9th of July 2023

The artists involved were:

Matthew Fall McKenzie  .  Fen de Villiers  .  Ferro  .  Alexander Adams  .  Harald Markram  .  Samuel Wild  .  Vladan Pejanovic  .  Columba

Scroll through the gallery to see photos of the show, or you can visit this page to see comprehensive photos of everything that was on display:

The artists also issued a statement of principles, defining their aims and views, and their reasons for creating the Exhibition:

“We come together because we are hungry for true beauty, aesthetic strength and vital expressions: a culture that energises!

This is a momentous occasion: like-minded artists from across the world joining forces to herald a cultural shift.

We refuse to merely remain on the sidelines watching as the flame of creation is smothered by petty ideology.

Inspired by the collectives that have formed before us, we move unapologetically to carve out a new route in this time of artistic stagnation.

If we don’t rekindle the fire, who will?”


In the future, there will be further Exhibitions.
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